Yeonmi Park: Still Fighting for Freedom, Even After Divorce

Yeonmi Park is a North Korean defector and human rights activist who has spoken out about the horrors of lifestyles below Kim Jong-un’s regime. She is likewise the writer of two books, ”In Order to Live” and ”The Girl with Seven Names”. In 2017, Park married an American guy named Ezekiel. The couple had a son together, who become born in 2018. However, they divorced in 2020.

Here is what you need to understand approximately Yeonmi Park’s husband:

  • His name is Ezekiel.
  • He is a Christian.
  • He is supportive of Park’s work as an activist and author.
  • He is the daddy of Park’s son.
  • The motives for his or her divorce aren’t publicly regarded.

Park and his wife Ezekiel

  • Park and Ezekiel met through a mutual friend. They met in South Korea in 2016, and that they had been married in a small ceremony in 2017.
  • Park and Ezekiel’s son, James, changed into born in 2018. James is a healthy and satisfied toddler, and he is the mild of Park’s existence.
  • Park and Ezekiel’s divorce turned into finalized in 2020. The divorce changed into amicable, and Park and Ezekiel have remained friends.
  • Park is currently focused on her son and her paintings. She is a common speaker at occasions approximately human rights in North Korea, and he or she has written two books approximately her studies. She is also the founder of the Free North Korea motion.

Earlier life of Yeonmi Park

  • Yeonmi Park was born on October 4, 1993, in Hyesan, North Korea. Her father, Park Jin-Sik, was a civil servant who worked at the Hyesan town hall as a member of the ruling Workers’ Party of Korea, and her mother, Byeon Keum-sook, was a nurse for the Korean People’s Army.
  • Park’s early life was marked by poverty and hardship. The North Korean economy was in a state of decline, and food was scarce. Park’s father was often sent to labor camps for political reasons, and her family struggled to make ends meet.
  • In 2003, Park’s father was arrested and sent to a labor camp for smuggling. His arrest plunged the family into even greater poverty. Park’s mother was forced to work long hours to support her two daughters, and Park was often left to fend for herself.
  • In 2007, Park and her mother escaped from North Korea and crossed the border into China. They were smuggled across the border by human traffickers, and they faced many dangers along the way. Park was sold into slavery, and she was forced to work in a brothel.
  • After two years in China, Park and her mother were able to escape to Mongolia. They were granted asylum in South Korea in 2009.
  • Since coming to South Korea, Park has become a vocal advocate for human rights in North Korea. She has spoken out about her experiences in North Korea and the horrors of life under the Kim Jong-un regime. She has also written two books about her experiences, “In Order to Live” and “The Girl with Seven Names.”
  • Park is a powerful voice for freedom and democracy. She is an inspiration to people all over the world, and she is a role model for young people who are fighting for their freedom.


What is Yeonmi Park’s son’s call?
Yeonmi Park’s son’s name is James.

What is Yeonmi Park’s husband’s task?
Ezekiel’s job is not publicly regarded.

How antique is Yeonmi Park’s husband?
Ezekiel’s age isn’t publicly known.

Where does Ezekiel stay?
Ezekiel’s current residence isn’t publicly known.

Does Yeonmi Park have any other children?
No, Yeonmi Park does not have another kids.

Is Yeonmi Park’s husband supportive of her paintings?
Yes, Ezekiel is supportive of Park’s paintings as an activist and author. He has accompanied her on speaking excursions and has been a vocal suggest for her work.

What is Yeonmi Park’s husband’s position in her lifestyles?
Ezekiel is a supportive associate and father. He is a source of strength and encouragement for Park, and he allows her to balance her work and circle of relatives existence.

What is the future of Yeonmi Park’s husband?
It isn’t always clear what the future holds for Ezekiel. He might also maintain to support Park in her work, or he can also pursue his personal pursuits. Only time will tell.

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